Aishwarya Student Scholarships

Scholarships will be given on the following criteria:
Merit based
If last previous exam result is 85% above 
If last previous exam result is 75% above 
Sports achievement based
West zone certificate
All India certificate
University certificate winner
Cultural/Co-curricular achievement
State level for Bachelor courses admission 
National level for PG courses admission 
BPL/Orphan candidate
Submission of required certificates (BPL & both parents' death) 
Nirupama & Sushila Purohit Scholarships*
Submission of required certificates (Merit, BPL & single parent death) 
For same candidate after first year result and interview
Central / Rajasthan Government Scholarship
Enrolled Student scholarship 
Admission in Post Graduate courses
Course fee deposit scheme
Full course fee deposited in first year  

* Nirupama Girls Child Scholarship (2005)
ACES is honoured to receive financial support in the memory of the mother of the founder president of Aishwarya Education Society and we hope her blessing always remain with the organization.

Sushila Vijayanath Purohit Girl Academic Scholarship (2019)
ACES is honoured to receive financial support in the memory of her parents from Ms. Lalita Purohit and her enthusiastic participation in assuring overall guidance.

All kind of fees once deposited is non refundable.

For more information regarding scholarships, please contact us at - 18001806449 and/or 9414169586.