With an aim to become a Centre for Research and Development, Aishwarya College of Education Sansthan has set up Aishwarya  Research and Development Studies (ARDS), with a variety of initiatives for Faculty, Students and Research Professionals such as Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Faculty Development Programs, Research Projects, Research Publications, in-house Publications, Fellowships, Training and Internship, Exchange programs, Student Research and Development Cell, Consultancy, Collaboration and linkages with National & International Institutes and Industries, and more.

ARDS is committed to expand the knowledge of the community at large to ensure inclusive learning and growth besides promoting research and development aptitude among faculty and students by facilitating resources and support for undertaking research and publicizing through Journals, monographs and edited books. It also publishes three registered, peer reviewed journals

1. Aishwarya College of Education Sansthan –

"Aishwarya Research Review" (ISSN 2249-2097)


2. Aishwarya Institute of Management & IT –

 "Aishwarya Research Communication" (ISSN 0975-3613)


3.  Aishwarya Teachers Training College –

"Journal of Aishwarya Shikshan Sansthan" (ISSN 2249-2100)


The significance of research is to inculcate knowledge that can be applied to the meaningful growth of the Institution, furthermore the society and contributes towards forming the foundation of development and policies across sections.

The institution promotes and recognizes research related initiatives and achievements of faculty and students through incentives, rewards and recognition. Efforts are being made to establish a research centre through affiliation by recognized bodies.

Every year Research Advisory board consists of -

  1. Chairperson and Managing Director
  2. Group Director
  3. Principals/Director
  4. Research Cell In-charge
  5. Faculty Members
  6. External Members ( Research Expert & Educationists )