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Quality policy

The Aishwarya College of Education Sansthan has planned to create and develop professional education institutions for the population residing in the South-West Rajasthan and also adjoining states of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The society will make efforts to ensure quality in growth and imparting instructions through several steps from time to time. These steps are suggestive only and the institutions can also introduce measures as per their own needs.

1. Quality Policy: Aishwarya College of Education Sansthan is committed to provide comprehensive, cost effective training and exposure in multi-disciplinary fields to one and all as per their requirements. The Institute is committed for continual improvement in the performance for students highest satisfaction

2. Strategies for Quality Assurance: The society has decided to keep close monitoring of all the parameters which contribute to the quality of the education and ensure active participation of the management, university, state government, faculty, students and media to ensure preparation and level of motivation of students, status of employment and employability, furnishing of the laboratories, workshops quality of equipment, curriculum material, examination system and general infrastructure facilities.

3. Role of Faculty: The faculty will actively participate in maintaining all academic norms and the standard. They will regularly improve the delivery system and analyze the feedback they get and will establish communication linkages with the students for their academic needs.

4. Role of Management: The management will show firm and active commitment to quality policy and shall made available necessary facilities both physical and financial to ensure the quality. It will periodically review and assess through independent Reviewers to ensure quality. 

5. Role of Students: The students will form an important link of the quality policy of the institutions. The will actively participate in activities, training, extra courses and visits organized to enhance their knowledge. They will give feedback on all aspects thus actively contributing to the quality.

6. Strategic Planning and Vision: The plan includes deciding the role of faculty, student and the management with meeting their aspiration such that the interests of management are made to converge. The efforts will be made so good students come up to the minimum level of achievement. The faculty will be provided with the industrial exposure so that they can relate theory and practice better.

7. Linkages: The institutions will establish the linkages with other national institutions at first instance and thereafter with international intuitions.

8. Dissemination and implementation: The Quality Policy will be notified to all the stakeholders from time to time. The periodic meeting, discussions, monitoring of the policy will be done. The monitoring and assessment of the actions taken shall be done to ensure the implementation of the quality policy.