Annual National Conference: 22-24 November 2018

National Conference on Universal Re-Engineering for Sustainable Futuristic Development (URSFD-2018) was organized from 22-24 November 2018 with participation of 104 registrations with 60 presentations. The National Conference on Universal Re-Engineering for Sustainable Futuristic Development (URSFD-2018) was inaugurated on 22 November 2018 evening in the college lawn by Prof. Anil Shukla Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, UP and Dr M P Poonia, Vice Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi. The ceremony commenced with the traditional welcome wherein Dr Seema Singh, President Aishwarya college, Dr Rashmi Bohra, Director RC, Udaipur Vardhman Mahaveer Open University, Kota and Dr A N Mathur presented honourable guests with bouquet, Uparna and memento which proceeded by the formal announcement of the inauguration of the conference with the release of the 10 volume of institutional journal Aishwarya Research Communication in the presence of Dr D S Chundawat, Dr Archana Golwalkar, Dr Rashi Mathur and Ms Raksha Sharma.

Prof. Shukla in his address congratulated the institution for holding the multidisciplinary conference on significant theme, emphasized on the need of development of life skills for achieving wholesome sustainable futuristic development as human resource is the backbone for nation’s development, besides focusing on quality transactions in each walk of life by keeping high integrity, transparency and innovative technology. He further added that re-engineering is a must for sustaining in dynamic environment.

Prof. Poonia in his address shared that such events are of great importance for the overall development as education is the foundation for sustainable development. Harnessing teamwork, leadership, transparency and perseverance in tough times besides entrepreneurship development will mark nation’s strong presence on global platform.

The inaugural program was compared by Mr. Alex, Mr. Shivdutt, Ms Muskan and Ms. Preeti, vote of thanks was delivered by Chandan towards the end followed by dinner.

The conference aimed at providing a significant platform to academicians, researchers, scientists, industrialists, business executives, activists and students for exchange of studies, innovative ideas, research and experience with reference to avenues and re-engineering for Futuristic Sustainable Development vital in the fast changing era witnessing intensified technological development, greater use of renewable and non renewable resources combined by changing economical, political and social systems with the potential of being the youngest nation on the global platform.

With the deliberations focused on innovative and creative ideas to tailor new ecosystems and review the existing ones, at global level in the fast changing era witnessing intensified technological development, greater use of renewable and non-renewable resources combined by changing economical, political and social systems.

The outcomes expected from the conference were Multidisciplinary deliberations at national/global level leading to exchange of ideas, enriching experience and learning. Important research outcome to be showcased in institutional peer reviewed journals/an edited book, further send Input/suggestions in the form of Proceedings to relevant agencies/departments. The conference subthemes divided into 5 tracks were Industry, Commerce and Management, Energy, Health, Environment, Consumerism, Technology, Research, Skill Development, Education, Ethics and Ethos, Heritage, Peace, Well being, Policy Reforms, Laws, Migration and Gender Issues.

The Second day of the conference started with the plenary session, the expert was Prof. Anil Shukla Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, UP. Prof. Shukla deliberated on the “Futuristic Sustainable Development” he laid stress on the pedagogy of teaching and insisted on following the Indian value based education system instead on blindly following the systems of the western countries. His perception of education and learning was that teaching should be based on character building and not sole learning. He mentioned the principals of great thinkers emphasized on “Conflict or Compromise” that either an individual should be ready to face the difficulties or should surrender; it is always do or die situation. Western philosophy is based on “Survival of the fittest” advocating individual interest whereas Indian philosophy is based on “Sabka sukh and sabka hit” advocating rise together and die together. He concluded by quoting in present context that machines are being humanized and humans dehumanized, latter needs to be revamped for futuristic sustainable growth. 

The Technical Track I was based on the sub-themes Science, energy, Technology, Skill Development, Health, Environment and Agriculture which was chaired by Dr Vikas Bajpai from The LNM Institute of IT, Jaipur, and 16 papers were presented in this session. Dr Bajpai appreciated the efforts of the paper presenters and shared important tips and sources useful for research work.  The guests were introduced and welcomed by Mr Puneet Wadwani and Priyanka Rajawat, Memento was presented by Mr Nilesh Sharma and Mr Qadir whereas the vote of thanks was expressed by Ms Tanupriya Chouhan.

Technical Track two was chaired by Dr Gaurav Lodha from Manipal University, Jaipur there were 18 papers presented based on the subthemes Industry, Commerce, Management and Finance. Dr Lodha towards appreciated the research work presented and shared the avenues for further research. The Guest was welcomed and introduced by Ms Preeti Somya and the vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Shivdutt and the memento was presentd by Mr Alex.

Post lunch Poster presentation session on the conference theme was conducted which was judged by Dr.Lalit Pandey, Former Dean Faculty of Social Science & Humanities, Bhupal Noble’s University, Udaipur.

Parallel workshop was organized on the topic “Cashless Economy” the expert was Dr Gourav Lodha from Manipal University, Jaipur, Dr Lodha shared that crypto currencies and block chain can be the future of cashless economy, he also addressed to queries of the participants on the bit coin speculation and acceptance of crypto currencies at National Label. The introduction and welcome was done by Mr Ali Asgar and vote of thanks was given by Mr. Lakshit.

On the third day of National Conference on “Universal Re-Engineering for Sustainable Futuristic Development (URSFD-2018)” 22-24 November 2018 started by the plenary session on the conference theme, by the expert Shri Sumatilal Bhora (Retd. Collector, former Secretary Board of Secondary Education, former Director TRI). Prior to it, the technical tracke III was conducted. In this session, 15 papers were presented on social sciences, humanities and education. Expert Shri Bohra focused on Quality and value of Education stressing on importance of time, positive attitude, Self Respect, Self Discipline and investing in relationships, quoting “reading is vital for development of brain” and “never give up whatever happens - There is always a silver lining in the sky”. Shri Bohra was welcomed and introduced by Ms Muskan Upadhyay.

During the valedictory ceremony the Conference report was presented by conference secretary Dr Rashi Mathur sharing that 120 registrations were received in all out of which 60 papers/posters and PPTs were presented; awards for best paper presentations under various tracks were awarded by Dr Rashmi Bohra (Director RC, Udaipur VMOU) and Dr A N Mathur (Group Director, ACES) to Dr Devendra Shrimali, Dr Dharmesh Motwani, Dr Kushboo Agrawal; Ms Murdhar Rathore in Track I; Ms Shalini Tekriwal, Dr Archana Golwalkar, Mr Puneet Wadhwani, Mr Nilesh, Dr Anita Sukhwal, Mr Nand Kishore Koli in track II; Dr Rashi Mathur, Ms Jyotika Adhikari, Dr. Aekta Aneejwal, Ms Damini Shrimali and Ms Shika Dashora in track III; for Poster and PPT  Presentations awards were given Ali Asgar Azad & Shubham Jain, Padam Kanwar Shaktawat, Harsh Agarwal and Kalpesh Pokharna. The valedictory session was compared and guests were welcomed by Student Ms Preeti Somya, vote of thanks was expressed by Mr Shivdutt Singh.

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