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Green Policy

The Sansthan has adopted the green policy, including periodical green audit of the campus. The institution has embedded the education with the practices leading to cultivate environmentally friendly attitude of the students. The practices adopted by the Sansthan, including adopted in pursuant to the last audit are as given below:

  1. Education: A course of Environment Education has been included as a compulsory subject in the syllabus of the all programme in first year of study. Beside the students are mentored regularly to save electricity, water & fuel. The policy has been displayed at places in the buildings.
  2. Plantation: The campus is being developed as green campus with plantation of trees in phased manner aimed to have around 1000 plants in 3-4 years.
  3. Ground water recharging: The open area has not been cemented allowing the rain water to percolate in ground. In some areas green grass has been planted to improve aesthetic beauty, which also absorbs the rain water and recharge ground water.
  4. Power Saving: In all the building LED lights have been used to save electricity. All the power devices such as ceiling fans & air conditioners are rated five star consuming low power.
  5. Water Conservation: The systems installed use less water. The Daily Administrator periodically check the water outlets (taps etc.) and get repaired to stop leakage.
  6. Waste Management: The bio digestible wastes are collected in a pit to produce organic manure to be used on campus. The other types of wastes are collected and disposed of as per local civic body’s law.
  7. E-Waste Management: The collection of e-waste is in practice outside building and it is disposed of periodically separately.
  8. Plastic & Tobacco Free Campus: The Sansthan has declared the campus as plastic free as such there is no plastics litter on the campus. The ban on consumption of tobacco resulted in keeping building free from spitting and maintaining it clean.
  9. Paperless Working: The emphasis is given on use of less paper to conserve the environment.
  10. Pollution Control: To keep the environment free of exhaust gases from the vehicles, the moment of vehicles beyond parking is prohibited. This keeps main academic area free from any pollution.
  11. Organizing Green activities in the society: As commitment of the Sansthan towards the Society, the institutions organizes the tree plantation in rural areas/schools premises in collaboration with schools & social organizations such as Rotary Club every year.