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Vision, Mission & Objectives



  • To educate and train the student to be efficient, empathetic and socially responsible individuals.




  • To offer courses to the students for enhancing professionalism, humanism and social responsibility through quality education.
  • To inculcate values of discipline, hard-work, team-spirit, scientific tempers and to develop critical thinkers.
  • Endeavor to stretch the intellectual and creative capacity of the youth and to empower them to assume leadership and market acceptability.
  • To promote education that would be liberal and progressive which contributes to the new dimensions of the education.





  • To provide a platform to education seekers coming from varied backgrounds of the society for gaining value   based learning with equal opportunity.
  • To uplift the standard of students so as to meet the market requirements of becoming employable and developing entrepreneurship.
  • To adapt to global changes and emerge as an enterprise which fabricates quality from the very beginning in the whole system.
  • To maximize the use of ICT, to utilize resources optimally and serve the society by all means.
  • To provide comprehensive, cost effective training and strive for continual improvement in the performance for student’s highest satisfaction.
  • To provide on line training keeping pace with the recent developments.