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Warm greetings to all,

I trust that you are well and taking care of your family in these unprecedented times.

This year, we celebrate 25 years of executing our mission to provide quality education in the city of Udaipur and beyond. What an exhilarating journey it has been! Our vision and mission, which is in consonance to National Education Policy 2020, continue to drive us for excellence in all that we do.

Through continuous quality accreditations and certifications, the momentum we have gained as one of the most ambitious, research-led institutions has made us a natural choice for one and all. I am elated to share a significant milestone. We have moved to sprawling new premises with state-of-the-art infrastructure to accommodate our ever growing ACES family of students and faculty. 

COVID-19 brought a lot of uncertainty and prompted us to rethink, re-strategize and reinvent ourselves. Since our inception, we have focused on building robust systems in place, thanks to which we have been able to adapt to current times. Education cannot exist in isolation. Post pandemic, knowledge is no longer constrained by time and space. It has expanded beyond the classrooms and school campuses. At Aishwarya College, we have embraced online learning through successfully conducting the academic session through Microsoft teams (The best platform for collaborative online classrooms) and offline classes following COVID-19 protocols.

As a premier educational institution in Udaipur, we are known for creating our own benchmarks by providing holistic education that focuses on development of personality and character building of students. Our faculty employs modern techniques of pedagogy to impart quality education in science and IT, commerce, management, education, social sciences and humanities at graduation and post graduation level.

I take this opportunity to thank my entire team, students and their parents, alumnae, collaborators, official academic authorities at state and national level, and all other stakeholders for their constant support and motivation.

We hope that you will continue to support our endeavours in pursuit of excellence in the world of education.

With best wishes,

Dr. Seema Singh

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Last Updated on : 23/05/22